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Playing: Forager 🎮
Watching: Documentaries about Serial Killers 🤷️
Listening: Gary Numan 💿
Reading: The Graveyard Queen Series 💀
12/02/2019 ✨Redesign💥
11/24/2019 Putting a favorite games page up 🎮
10/07/2019 Moved things around from the front page again and out to separate pages. Added more links 🎨
09/21/2019 Rearranged the front page. Slideshow 🎉

Among other things to eventually be found here will be tutorial links for things I forget how to do, and other things, such as...
  • Make CSS for tables, which I largely am horrible at now.
  • Not making things pretty.
  • Pictures of random stuff I'm obsessed with this week and then forget about next week.
  • A ridiculous amount of photos of my Animal Crossing town. I regularly almost start a new town but worry that my villagers will feel sad and alone. There's a therapy session in there for sure.
  • Gif and Blinkie collection.
80s and 90s pop culture, Nintendo, scifi, horror, the paranormal, documentaries, collecting/rescuing cassette tapes, thrift stores, coffee.