10/09/2020 XXXXOOOO
09/13/2020 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
07/19/2020 I forgot this looks kindof cool.
06/03/2020 I was an introvert, but I've given that up for the future timeline, should we have one.
05/??/2020 Quarantine Fog
04/11/2020 Microblog, wait no.
03/17/2020 Kill all the table cells. ALLL OF THEMMM.
12/02/2019 Redesign
11/24/2019 Putting a favorite games page up.
10/07/2019 Moved things around from the front page again and out to separate pages. Added more links.
09/21/2019 Rearranged the front page. Made a slideshow!
09/15/2019 Not from the beginning, but the general idea of this thing is getting there. It's dumb. Yay.